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What We Forget To Talk About When We Celebrate Adoption

"Lots of families celebrate the day they met their adopted child and became a family. But while I appreciate the love and everything else my parents give me, Gotcha Day can be a mixed bag -- one that leaves kids like me sad and confused."

Why Every Parent Needs to Know Their Child's Love Language - Knowing how your child best gives and receives love will help you ensure your child grows up feeling truly loved. Find out how...*Important read for parents*

How to Raise a Confident Child

Born with confidence but will it stay? Let’s help our kids keep it {and rock it!}, here are 10  ways to raise a confident child.  Encourage exploration, imagination and experimentation. If you have 63 seconds this video really gets you thinking!...

How Do Women Feel After Placing Their Baby For Adoption?

One birthmother's perspective on what it was like after she placed her child for adoption. Powerful. #birthmother #adoption @jessasp8

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