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München Marco Polo Theesalon - Vintage German Tea Room poster by unknown artist from 1905

Campbell’s Tomato Juice: Toast to Health! 1935

15 Totally Bizarre Vintage Food Advertisements

Pouring logo idea.

having the letter a as the tea pot is more interesting than just putting a picture of a tea pot in the middle. Tea - Pouring from such a great height is only for the most reckless of tea drinkers. Or for those with plastic topped table cloths.

Concept art for Boo from 'Monsters Inc.' :) I love this style

16 Things You Might Not Know About "Monsters Inc."

Boo was originally written to be six-year-old. She was rewritten to be toddler because the writers felt it would make her more dependent on Sulley. She looks so adorable in this concept art though!

Década de 20. Melhor década.

It will be the again let's bring back jazz attire- Tap the link now to see our super collection of accessories made just for you!


Ruth Dump by *The-Ez on deviantART (I love this style! She looks like she should be a Disney Princess)

Buon pomeriggio

Tea Party: 'Van Nelle's Afternoon Tea' - Dutch advertising tea poster by Jean Walther

♥♥♥ Benefits of Rooibos Tea #rooibos

Benefits of Rooibos Tea by The Health Ranger// It is a bushy reed-like plant, actually. The tea is only red if the leaves were dried and fermented, otherwise it is green. I absolutely love Rooibos tea! It has so many benefits!