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Moon in Sagittarius. Oooh, this is so true of me... though I can be quite detail-oriented due to my Virgo Ascendant.

Moon in Sagittarius. though I can be quite detail-oriented due to my Virgo Ascendant.

::☀️Aquarius Sun, Scorpio Moon, Rising Capricorn, Venus in Pisces, Mercury in Aquarius, Mars in Capricorn •

“I am a peacemaker, but my emotions are rather vivid. I think in an artistical way, but express my energy in an abiding way. In love, I seek devotion. I take on the role of the comedian.

Moon sign meanings. (My moon is in Aquarius. Sun is in Gemini) The Moon represents the emotional responses, unconscious pre-destination, and the self-image.

The Moon Signs and their meanings. This explains the influence of each sign as the moon passes through them in the sky. For example if the moon is currently in Capricorn you may want to focus on your responsibilities and obligations.

Sun: Aries Moon: Cancer Mercury: Taurus Venus: Pisces Mars: Capricorn Jupiter: Leo Saturn: Gemini Uranus: Pisces Neptune:  Aquarius Pluto: Sagittarius

Sun Is Libra - Moon Is Gemini - Mercury Is Libra - Venus Is Scorpio - Mars Is Virgo - Jupiter Is Leo - Saturn Is Gemini - Uranus Is Aquarius - Neptune Is Aquarius - Pluto - Sagittarius

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I've struggled with this intuition bullshit for years. Never understood it until a few years ago. It's not always easy, and sometimes very scary.

moon in sagittarius

moon in sagittarius

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im capricorn sun and I never related to the shuts off emotions thing so, being an aries moon this helps me understand why.