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Rip covers off flea market paperback books and tie with twine - Looks beautiful but I would feel so bad doing this.

My Sweet Savannah: ~editing and making things lighter in the living room~

A mini forest of silvery trees made from paperback books adds a shimmering touch to the mantel. DIY instructions start on slide 6: http://www.familycircle.com/holiday/christmas/decorations/festive-holiday-crafts/#page=6

touch the beach, regardless: amazing holiday craft tutorial from family circle.thinking of Christmas in the middle of July

Book snowman. So neat! - another project that seems like it would take forever to complete, but is ridiculously cuuuute

A Creative Princess: Paperback Book Snowman tutorial. Hat made from Keurig coffee cup

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Paperbacks are easily worn and hardcovers are too expensive. Also hardcovers are really heavy and are bulkier in purses and backpacks

If you adore print books, these 14 funny images are for you!

14 Things Only People Who Adore Print Books Will Understand

I choose actual books over a kindle or iBook ANY TIME, ANY DAY. and who said i go any whwere without a book

Transform An Old Paperback Book Into A Decorative Pumpkin -  a few of these would look great on the mantle this fall.  I think I'll try paperbacks and books of different sizes.  I have a statistics book I wold love to see transformed into something useful!

Transform An Old Paperback Book Into A Decorative Pumpkin

transform an old paperback book into a decorative pumpkin, crafts, The finished project with a birch stem burlap leaves bark covered wire and painted paper edges

word beads: take a paperback book, tear out the pages, cut pages in strips horizontally with an exacto knife, trim the edge of a strip you want to use so a word shows, wet the first inch of the other end of the strip with water, wet the toothpick, mod podge both sides, twirl the strip, press end tight for a moment, coat with more mod podge, stick toothpick in scrap styrofoam to dry, remove bead using needle nose pliers and, voilà! you can watercolor the page if you want colored beads, too!

DIY Book Pages Made into Beads. Lots of tutorials about winding paper beads and sealing them all over. I posted a really good tutorial on getting specific paper bead shapes and sealing them with varnish here. Photograph above from Helen Lonsdale.