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Funny pictures about After I write a long text message. Oh, and cool pics about After I write a long text message. Also, After I write a long text message.

Funny texts

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I just can’t get enough of you…

I just can't get enough of you

I do not like sponge bob but I think this every Sunday Night "Weekend you get back here.

I know its probably depressing that my favorite show ever is Spongebob, and yes, I realize I am losing every brain cell I… http://ibeebz.com

I know its probably depressing that i like this Show and yes, I realize I am losing every brain cell I never had, but its okay because Spongebob characters, man, they speak my language.

Ever receive a text from an unknown number? Have a little fun with it, and respond like these people.

15 Hilariously Perfect Ways To Respond To A Wrong Number Text

Getting a call or text from a random number is normal. People get wrong numbers all of the time. But, what these people did after someone had the wrong number is hilarious.

they gave me weired look

I've done this at Olive Garden. My sister first got confused and just said 'yes', but then they repeated it and she was like 'Ohhhh salad! I heard and saw ALL of it. Yet I did the same thing<<< Funny text messages

me and spongebob have a lot in common...starting with partying, pineapple and my three boys.

Patrick are you ready to party tonight? I'm ready to Party! I'm Ready to Crazy! I'm already Hearing Voices!

Its funny

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I wumbo, you wumbo, he she wumbo

It’s first grade, Spongebob… I wumbo, he she we wumbo. That's just first grade the study of wumbo?


Yes, it makes sense because I make no sense, so to me things that don't make sense make sense. It makes sense!

Dump A Day The Best Of, "SpongeBob Logic" - 15 Pics

Funny pictures about SpongeBob And Its Logic. Oh, and cool pics about SpongeBob And Its Logic. Also, SpongeBob And Its Logic photos.

Opposite for it really that the right hand looks good and the left is just....terrible. I can't do anything with my right hand

21 Things Only Girls Who Are Addicted To Nail Polish Know To Be True

nails except mines reversed because im left handed. no matter how hard i try my left hand just doesnt look as good :(