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Straightforward sexism no longer seems to explain the gap.

Why Don’t More Women Run for Office?

Straightforward sexism no longer seems to explain the gap.

"The fewer gender stereotypes dad holds, the more likely his daughter is to say she wants to work outside the home as an adult."

Sexist Dads Have Surprising Impact On Daughters, Research Suggests

Fathers' Sexism May Curb Daughters' Work Ambitions, Research Suggests --------------------------------- Be a nurse. Be a teacher, Be a secretary, Be a Waitress.

Business infographic : Business Women Have Come A Long Way Baby! #INFOGRAPHIC

Business infographic & data visualisation Business Women Have Come A Long Way Baby! Infographic Description Business Women Have Come A Long

Women working during WW2

Supervising Women Workers : Kerkow (Herbert) Productions : Free Download & Streaming

Women working during

21 People Posing With Photos Of Their Younger, More Awkward Selves

The Awkward Years Project Gives Hope That It Gets Better: Senior Ad idea Cute senior idea. Maybe do a a freshman photo? Or maybe even a baby photo?

Be your own plan b.

The Mercy Academy, an all-girls preparatory school in Louisville, Ky., is making waves nationally for its ad campaign telling young girls "You're Not A Princess," and encouraging them to Prepare for real life.

For more than half a century, the unsolved killing of a young schoolteacher and beauty queen who was last seen at church haunted the Texas city of McAllen.

Priest heard beauty queen's confession before killing her, police say

Ex-priest John Feit arrested in Irene Garza murder case from 1960

The Reagans at the 1976 Republican convention. - Teresa Zabala/The New York Times

Nancy and Ronald Reagan at the 1976 Republican National Convention. Photo: Teresa Zabala/The New York Times

An article written by Ruth Tam states that very few women become candidates in the first place. Potential reasons include: 1. the "incumbency advantage" which indicates that "reelection rates for legislative positions are consistently above 90%" (Krooks and Childs, 2010) 2. political leadership qualities, such as being "strong, direct, and tough are considered male qualities". 3. The double bind which indicates that women need to be tough and confident while embodying feminine qualities.

What keeps women from running for top elected offices?

Wendy Davis signing autographs at a rally after announcing her bid for Texas governor on Oct. in Haltom City, Texas.