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I thought they were green chicks and I was like ? Why did the rain turn the chicks green and I just

17 Movies According To Tumblr… The Hitchhiker's Guide one was the best. "That fact was not fun."

Oh my GOD, I never realised this before. Omfg the freaking horse one, I'm dying xD

When trolling date sites is an art form.

What’s Happening In General // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - lmfao what

and if the guards look done and still cant figure out what really happened then you get bonus points

I also love when their stories coincide but they get increasingly outlandish with each addition

I Think We Can All Agree, That Kids Are Hilariously Creepy – 20 Pics

The joy of children. I laughed hard at the nasa killed heaven one :D