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Famous celebrities with bisexual orientation! Stars you never knew were bisexual! Guess who from the jet set are in question? Is stigma which keeps bisexual people in the closet? The first thing about bisexuality is to convince people that bisexuality exists. Bisexuality in the 21st century is still taboo for the most of the people. Wondering, isn’t it? Why? We are...

Drew Barrymore locks lips with Whip It co-star Ellen Page for Marie Claire. Photo: Peggy Sirota (Celebrities who swing both ways- Drew Barrymore)

Resultado de imagen para bubbline yuri

Resultado de imagen para bubbline yuri

Love fiolee

So adorable, that last shot always gets me, marshalls face lol

Adventure Time In episode “Mortal Recoil” princess Bubblegum become younger and Lich-snail appearance in Candy Kingdom. And I thought, it would be funny, if young PB had met the Lich