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Type of Flanges: Weld Neck Slip-on Blind Socket Weld Lap Joint Spectacles Ring Joint Orifice etc.

{hammered stainless steel countertop} plan to get pieces from a metal fabricator for dramatically lower pricing than from a big-box store. but i've heard the downside is always looking dirty and scratches, which hammering can camouflage.

Quad Tech Class 1

Welcoming Our New Quad Tech Class 1 Reception Desk! This beautiful contemporary reception desk suits all elegant high class receptionist areas. Finished in a Fine High Gloss, This is the best desk to make an impression…

Making Zinc Letters And Numbers

DIY faux zinc letters and numbers - great industrial look. Use for Christmas decor too! / Thinking of using numbers to put on front door for address "help"

Make a Ring by Melting Pennies.

This ring is made from pennies. You can smelt the copper coating off leaving you with zinc. Pennies minted after 1983 are all made like this.

Make a Ring by Melting Pennies.

Smelt the copper coating off a penny, leaving you with zinc. Pennies minted after 1983 are all made like this.

DIY hairpin leg, make-up vanity with FREE building plans. Enter for chance to win vanity built by Pneumatic Addict.

Primitive Christmas tree metal, galvanized Funnel vintage pan

A good instructional vid about the use of three MIG welding techniques for joining square tubing (a common material on the homestead)

Burning up this @swagoffroad Tubing Roller kit... Excited to see how it works after it's bolted to the floor. Not bad for some MIG welded Zinc coated steel. #swagoffroad #mig #welding #fabrication #tubingroller #ssbuilt #stevesherrodbuilt #weldeverydamnday #fabricatorlife #stackindimes #millerwelders #millermatic

Round Circle Ring for Towing & Auto Hauling Straps

How To Top a Table with Zinc Sheet Metal

I came across this tutorial on covering a table with zinc, and I was amazed — I had heard of DIY metal countertops, but I hadn& considered covering a table

Quad Tech Class 1

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Reactive metal paints, Tips and techniques for using VerDay reactive metal paints to create beautiful art, jewelry, accessories and more.