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Hipster Cat is a popular meme that originated from a picture of a cute kitty wearing a purple hood, saying things a hipster would say.

books miniature

Miniature books shelved inside a regular sized book by Todd Pattison. OK, I have no idea at this point how I would make these miniature books, but this looks like something that I NEED!

I Like Big Books And I Cannot Lie Burlap 18x18 Decorative Pillow Cover, Throw Pillow ,Toss Pillow, Accent Pillow

I Like Big Books And I Cannot Lie Burlap Decorative Pillow Cover, Throw Pillow ,Toss Pillow, Accent Pillow via Etsy.

Perfect for when I become a teacher! :) I can put my tea in it and show off my book that I'm reading at the same time! :D

Christmas Gifts for the Book Nerd Who’s Read Everything

DIY Mugs! Paint cheap mugs with chalk board paint - Then fill with chalk, candy, pens, cute little things for coworker/boss gifts!

beauty and the beast funny quotes

Marry the Beast and get that library! Then keep calm and make bookworm-appropriate signs!) A certain amount of my girlhood was indeed spent salivating over Beauty & The Beast's princely library.

What is love from they warrior cats??!

lol, yellow fang needs to get it straight. There faces when Ashfur said that XD not my art done by mirroku on deviantart

I love Moe's and Shakespeare & Co. in Berkeley. Actually, I love all secondhand book stores. I used to think it was just because of all the books...

Funny pictures about Why old books smell so good. Oh, and cool pics about Why old books smell so good. Also, Why old books smell so good photos.

Books Worth Reading

Another tote, that the inner book-nerd in me could not pass up. “i like big books canvas tote bag” by Bookfiend

There is nothing better than getting  lost in a world of fiction. It may be my favorite thing.

The Magic of Books… Richards Richards Richards Richards Arndt Taylor

It's a green book with a flower on the cover? No problem.  Because that's totally how we organize this store.  Judgmental Bookseller Ostrich

Judgmental Bookseller Ostrich: Oh, I'm sorry the music is too loud and you can't read the damn book you're not going to pay for. Last time I checked we weren't a library, jackass.


Plus you get all those delightful, precious details movies leave out, and may even miss meeting some invaluable friends of a literary nature that don't make it into the movie. <<<<<< YES

You know you're a book lover when...

“You know you’re a book lover when … you read until your eyes can’t focus.

« Les livres ne sont pas plus menacés par le Kindle que les escaliers ne l'ont été par les escaliers roulants... - StephenFry, romancier, comédien et cinéaste

"Books are no more threatened by Kindle than stairs by elevators" Stephen Fry quote

a candle that smells like books. Might be a little redundant in my house...

A candle that smells like books. I love the smell of books and thought I'd like it'll smell like you're burning books?

C.S. Lewis

Lewis is so very right! as his "children's books" are enjoyed by all ages. Need an example of a "bad children's story"? Diary of a Wimpy Kid.