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Why is the sky dark at night? Is it possible to build a shrink-ray gun? If there is antimatter, can there be antipeople? No one but Dave Goldberg, the coolest nerd physicist on the planet, could give a hyper drive tour of the universe like this one. Not only does he answer the questions your stoner friends came up with in college, but he also reveals the most profound discoveries of physics with infectious, Carl Sagan–like enthusiasm and accessibility.

Isabel Allende's The Japanese Lover is a beautiful story within a story, following the life of a woman living at a senior care center and the young woman who befriends her. In her usual historical mastery, Allende spans the life and stories of WWII, Japanese internment camps, and forbidden love. A fantastic read for Allende fans of all ages. Find more great books @indigobreeze

Parthenon Enigma

…[Connelly's] exciting and revelatory history of that high temple of classical enlightenment…serves as a bracing reminder that first-rate scholarship not only takes no visible fact for granted, but also digs deep into the unknown unknowns…-The New York Times

Be sure to check out campus speaker Katie Pavlich's new book! Assault and Flattery: The Truth About the Left and Their War on Women: Katie Pavlich: 9781476749600: Books

(613.25 MUL) The Gut Balance Revolution by Dr. Gerard E. Mullin. "Dr. Gerard E. Mullin shares the first proven, science-based program to restore and retain weight loss by achieving a balanced gut flora." Hold it here:

Martin Short Sings of Songs and Loves Ago

Martin Short Sings of Songs and Loves Ago — The Barnes & Noble Review

Fingertips To Hair Follicles: Why 'Touch' Triggers Pleasure And Pain