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Poised To Snap

One is dreamtown, The other is exile. It comes hither, Is slithers thither, Radiant and stunning, Like a bolt of wind Striking down At the Most opportune Bea.

A declaration of dance, A hallways to which we prance Hands in heads, Laps unleaded with Shrapnel From a surgeon-soldier Turned manic by A tenuous Turnaround.

Safety is paramount with any And all Amount The sound of a hundred hounds Sniffing And whiffing Around These mutts Fresh out the pound Eat the cake by the sa.

Brace For Launch

It’s rigged to burrow To dig, Unearthing an earthling And twigs. Whenever there's A stop To change the score and Smear the Lop I.

Caution As Needed

Per diem, Spend per day A struck match Strikes a tight Stich Of the half hitch, Tar pitch, Sinking in and swimming the lake of butter Signs of danger, Ignore.

Cat And Bulldozer

Puzzle me, nuzzle me wipe off the scuz from me eek out my muzzle as guzzle geese come to me round, right, and singed kites always patching always quite alway.