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DIY Mini Zen Garden

I just had an Idea! So you FINALLY get your zen garden the way you like it and then some idiot comes along and messes up your... uh, Zen! Spray glue, and lots of it, to hold the sand in place. Then your Zen can look as good as it has always been

10 Simple Ways to Spruce up Your Backyard

Pergolas are great DIY summer projects. If you have the extra time and don’t want to spend that extra money or just want to make something with your bare hands, than this DIY pergola project is great for you. With ... Read More


For incredibly good energy create ways to make nature tangible inside your home. Receive Free Weekly Guided Meditations + Tea Tips at

There is something very elegant and special about this design for a labyrinth. Perhaps the modern minimalist feel on an ancient idea is compelling.

Setting aside a space in your garden for meditation or yoga can be as important as creating a sacred space in your home. This quirky and useful sign helps to delineate just such a space in an unobtrusive way. #dharmacrafts