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Dr. Fager

The super horse Dr. Fager on the pony track at Belmont park 1968 Horse of the Year , ranked best of the century


Secretariat, the greatest! ( Tony Leonard, special to The Baltimore Sun ) Secretariat gallops through a pasture at Claiborne Farm in Paris, Ky., sometime after his Triple Crown victories.

Charismatic....three strides short of being a TC winner in 1999.  Now at stud in Japan and as beautiful as ever. still one of my favorite race horses of all time. love this guy

Charismatic, Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner.three strides short of being a Triple Crown winner in Now at stud in Japan and as beautiful as ever.

Omaha, third Triple Crown winner, and son of Triple Crown winner Gallant Fox.

Omaha - 1935 Champion Male Horse and Triple Crown winner, son of Triple Crown winner Gallant Fox. He is the only Triple Crown winner not to be recognized Horse of the Year the same race season.

The beloved but overshadowed Riva Ridge, who some say was responsible for saving the Meadow and perhaps facilitating Secretariat's legendary career, the unassuming bay stallion was quite an excellent racehorse in his own right. He won the Kentucky Derby & Belmont Stakes, and might've captured the TC if it weren't for a sloppy track at Pimlico that day. He set 4 track & 1 world record, raced 30 times, won 12 stakes races & amassed over 1 million in earnings. He was said to be the barn…

Riva Ridge- 1972 Kentucky Derby and Belmont winner! Owned by Penny Chenery Secretariats breeder and owner.

Man o' War and Will Harbut.  Will had never seen Man O’ War race, but at the time he became the stallion’s handler he certainly knew he was rubbing a living legend. Did Will also know that he had just met his soul mate, a thoroughbred who would make Will his (equine) family? Perhaps not in that first meeting, but I would wager that it wasn’t long before both horse and man knew that they had found the truest expression of themselves in the light of the other’s eye.

This horse is Man o' War, who raced in 1919 and His groom, Will Harbut, stayed with the stallion for decades and became something of a celebrity himself. The two died within a few months of each other.

A Tribute to Phar Lap in those days some old time trainers used to put a touch of arsenic in their feeds to help there horses perform better, and in the end that is what he died of.

Phar Lap - with jockey Jimmy Pike and groom Tommy Woodcock in 1930

Seabiscuit and Red Pollard

Seabiscuit - and jockey Red Pollard were flawed and had their own short-comings, but their courage and hard work helped them overcome these and leave their mark on history

War Admiral

As the son of another legendary horse (Man O' War), War Admiral had the bar set high from the get go 1937 Triple crown winner