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Дом на колёсах

Looking for a tiny home you can take on off-roading adventures? This Mercedes-Benz Zetros Expedition motorhome might be just the inspiration you've bee

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chevrolet builds life-sized LEGO batmobile 'handcrafted for hot pursuit'

COEs are very cool!!!!!

The campervans will incorporate a more compact kitchen and there is going to be a refrigerator and a stove. A campervan is typically a heavy motor vehicle.

Taxa Firefly Trailer at werd.com

Taxa Firefly Trailer - The Firefly designed by a former NASA designer is a more compact ultra-lightweight camper pod designed to fit in the back of a pickup, on a travel trailer or it can be heli’d into remote locations.

Wow!! For an extra large camping family maybe? Love the little outdoor kitchen... can you see it?

For an extra large camping family maybe? Love the little outdoor kitchen. can you see it?

rv unimog - Bing Images

Mercedes-Benz Unimog Double-Cab Camper Truck with the rear Living module

...tutto il necessario.

Recycle two things at once, a house and an older truck. i found a motor home we can afford! a cabin on wheels.love the tub washer on the 'porch'.really off the grid!