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teaspoons at the table: poached pears & green tea

teaspoons at the table: poached pears & green tea (fall fest

Spotted Dick-great dessert

Spotted Dick--traditionally a suet pudding (now often more sponge-like) served with whiskey sauce or custard.

Chicken-Ginseng Soup Recipe | MyRecipes.com

Chicken-Ginseng Soup

The Chinese believe cold drinks are harmful to the digestive system, so soup is served not as a first course, but as a beverage with a meal. Because it's more readily available than fresh ginseng, we tested the recipe with ginseng tea.

teaspoons & petals | blog post

take a peek at my recipe rose bundt cake with vanilla creme fraiche icing & candied rose petals on


Callie's Country Ham Biscuits, proven guest-thriller, clutch hors d'oeuvre for the fall and holiday season. They're tender flaky tasty and Charleston-made!

Baked cinnamon apples

Tender warm apples stuffed with gooey sweetness and nuts are an easy vegan dessert that you can serve for autumn-inspired sweet tooths and holiday gatherings.

This page contains baked apple recipes. Baked apples are a simple delectable dessert treat that everyone will love.