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The race

#wattpad #short-story This here is more of a children's story of how cheating is not always the best option. The fox and the rabbit in a head to head race; who will be the victor?

OW,you know what,I'm going to write a story with this. It's going to be short unless I get a wattpad,,deviantart or whatever sometime. I'll ask my mom,so I can post my stories so that if anything happens I won't lose them,they'll be on the internet forever.

Roommates ( A Jelsa Story ) - Chapter Sixteen

Elsa Arendelle was a twenty one year old girl, who had just finished her college years. She and her best friend Merida had decided to live together once they h...

Just Roommates (A Frerard Fanfic) - Just Roommates

Ferard Smut, Fluff, And Angst. Sometimes there'll be a bottom Frank.… #fanfiction Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad

The Bad Boy's Girl (BEING PUBLISHED)