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We owe illegals absolutely nothing. They have no right to come before our veterans, legal immigrants, and Americans.

But our corrupt liberal democrats don't want anything done legally here.:

Wrong wrong WRONG!! Nobama kept our serviceman and women from voting but he lets illegals vote as the illegals vote for him. This is so wrong and we should not stand for it. They are fighting for our country they deserve to vote

Sarah Ksiazek reviews the drama Room, from director Lenny Abrahamson and starring Brie Larson & Jacob Tremblay.

WAYS that Obama plans to committ voter fraud... 1) Disenfranchise MILITARY voters. It is a FACT that the military traditionally votes REPUBLICAN. Obama strives to eliminate their ability to vote. BAD 2) Allow the DEAD to vote. Obama strives to keep States from purging the voter rolls of DEAD PEOPLE. 3) ILLEGAL INVADER votes. OBAMA strives to prevent VOTER I.D. at the polls.

The answer would seem to be indicative of the current administration conspiring to aide an orchestrated election fraud, cheat the voters out of a fair and legal election, and, most very important.. COMMIT CRIMES!