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It's Jason as a blond superman hahahahah

Percy Jackson fandom:where we have superman Jason and mermaid Percy and it's totally normal!

when he said this, that nagging voice in the back of my head said "an oath to keep with final breath"

Jason Grace we hold you to your word. if you break your promise this fandom will hunt you down

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jason has to get glasses and he meets nico after getting them for the first time and suddenly it’s all like 'holy hera's peacock he's really hot'.  yeah that’s it that’s the post.  Alternatively, Jason gets round thick glasses that make his eyes look really huge to the point of silliness, and Nico shoots a glare at Leo anyone who mocks him.

Kristoff Mcallister,the tech nerd and team member of Asylum. He is the wise,yet non serious guy in the group. Kristoff and Emma are best friends,probably due to their sarcastic and playful natures.