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A humorous and powerful memoir on her struggles with all forms of an Eating Disorder. It is also a courageous take on her journey through recovery and ultimate self acceptance on how you too can achieve that

Nadia Shivack was fourteen years old when she met Ed, her eating disorder. Sometimes like an alien in her body, sometimes like a lover, Ed was unpredictable and exciting, but ultimately always dangerous and destructive. You will never think about eating disorders in the same way again.

The book covers a number of areas in which an Eating Disorder impacts - relationships, challenges in recovery and overcoming an Eating Disorder.

Inspired by her sons battle with an Eating Disorder and her attempts to find out and source more information on how her son could overcome his struggles.

3 Powerful Quotes About The True Meaning Of Self-Acceptance

Wasted by Marya Hornbacher explained eating disorders to me in a new way, via the voice of one who lives it.