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Copper bowl

COPPER Powers Of Copper: Conductor of electricity/Love/Luck/Protection…

How to raise a copper bowl: Demo by Michael Brehl. Watch the video from the hammered metal class here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yawQP474RF0:

Basic hammer blows in making a copper bowl. Even by learning the very basics of metalsmithing (making cups, bowls, even edged weapons), you can improve your survivability as well as provide a useful skill

Tin-Lined Copper Hand-Hammered Wok. Mine is not quite this beautiful, but I love my wok and all the healthy eats it has introduced me to.

Tin-Lined Copper Hand-Hammered Wok

Tin-Lined Copper Hand-Hammered Wok. Breathtakingly beautiful but possibly not so practical as tin will melt if you turn the heat up too high as you do in wok cookery.

Copper Silo's                                                                                                                                                      More

I want these, but food-safe with matching lids so I can store flour and sugar and whatnot :)

Hammered Copper Punch Bowl

Punch bowls are not only functional but decorative statement pieces of your serveware collection as well. Check out these stunning punch bowls.