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Skip Beat 205 - KYAAA!!! Colored underwater Kuon? Did I need more of a reason to fangirl?

Ren-Kuon Chapter 205 Created by Nakamura Yoshiki / Coloring Kanaetsuruga

Skip Beat... *-*

Read manga Skip Beat Skip Beat 211 Technicolor Paradise ~Melt Heart~ online in high quality

Skip Beat! Kyoko's boyfriend becomes a j-pop superstar and dumps her, so she's out for revenge. She's pretty damn hilarious to watch -- you've never seen anyone angrier than her (well, maybe you have). The anime seems to have some interesting insights into acting as the story progresses. Like most shoujo, the manga's ongoing, but this series ended after 26 episodes. Still good to watch.

Anime:Skip Beat Rate: MY SUMMARY: She loved blond guy. Blond guy left, to be a star. She gets mad and wants to make him feel bad. She works as star. Gets help from blackish haired guy.

(*****) Skip Beat! I know that it's silly when you start it out but it just…

Skip Beat so much. I can't wait for Kyoko to FINALLY learn who Corn really is.

Yashiro just makes it a whole lot more exciting all the time.

Skip Beat - Yashiro, my favourite fanboy. My favourite character of all times! Can't stop laughing whenever he's in his chibi mode :) >.

Skip Beat, Angel and Prisoner

Skip Beat, Angel and Prisoner (tho this also could be Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru - Luka x femYuki)