Villa Mairea was built in 1938. Aalto said that the idea behind this project was " (…)avoid artificial architectural rhythm in the building without giving up pure form as long as it could be obtained in harmony with the structure or with an increased use of materials and surface ornaments that are inherently pleasing to the senses”.

Aalto, Alvar: Villa Mairea, Noormarkku, Finland: Architecture, Across the landscape

El arquitecto finlandés quiso humanizar la modernidad. Escapó de la frialdad, las aristas y el orden cartesiano

La arquitectura interminable de Alvar Aalto

Viipuri (Vyborg) City Library, Vyborg, Karelia (today Russia), by Alvar Aalto

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Mid Century Modern Renovation by W2 Studio.

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Renovación del Centro  de Pregrado de la Universidad Aalto,© Tuomas Uusheimo

Galería de Renovación del Centro de Pregrado de la Universidad Aalto / Arkkitehdit NRT Oy - 10

Image 10 of 19 from gallery of Renovation Of The Aalto University Undergraduate Centre / Arkkitehdit NRT Oy. Photograph by Tuomas Uusheimo

Alvar Aalto house in Helsinki Finland

Alvar Aalto house in Helsinki Finland

Centro de Innovación Tecnológica

Interior from the Centre B. by Alberto Campo Baeza Alvar Aalto Paimio lounge chairs, designed in 1933 Photography by Hisao Suzuki

Studio/office (possibly living room as well?) High ceilings and/or quirky windows

theimportanceofbeingmodernist: “ Studio Aalto Studio, Helsinki by Alvar Aalto- Alvar Aalto designed his studio in the Munkkiniemi district of Helsinki in Aalto had previously worked in the.

Villa Mairea. Stair.

Architectural Classic: Villa Mairea by Alvar Aalto. Vertical wooden rods used to mimic trees in a forest.