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jockohomo: “ “Alan Belcher has produced new work for this exhibition, a ceramic multiple edition. Known for his pioneering of the “photo-object_ genre (artworks which fused the disciplines of.

- Just like us - The Art Of Mike Mitchell

Artist Mike Mitchell takes some of the most-loved pop culture characters and puts them in ironic situations.

This would make me crap my pants hahaha

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Bookends by Carl Auböck at Mondo

I think I will start making everything out of concrete.

Brian Willmont Print 2 $35

Brian Willmont Print 2

Little Paper Planes is pleased to introduce our first July 2012 artist, Brian Willmont, and to offer five exclusive prints of his work. Brooklyn painter Brian Willmont is all over the place, making p

Ceramic sculptures that look like inflatable toys

Artist Brett Kern creates these very detailed ceramic sculptures that at first glance look very similar to inflatable toys. Almost indistinguishable. Kern does a really good job imitating all the forms, wrinkles, and color textures of air-filled toys.



Post-digital finder.  By Ksenia Soldatenkova. Interactopus 2012

By Ksenia Soldatenkova.

Caitlin Foster Print 5, One
by Caitlin Foster $35

Caitlin Foster Print 5, One

Installation Art by D Gilley | Yellowtrace

Installations of Imaginary Architecture by Damien Gilley.


Noog project by Nnfenren; Martin Böttger, Joel Baumann and Kim Asendorf

Arthur Buxton

Italian Vogue Covers 1981 - 2011 British artist Arthur Buxton set out to chart the color trends used on Vogue magazine covers through the years from variou

Photo paper toy Andy Warhol

Paper Toy Andy Warhol

Paper Andy Warhol Matthew Hawkins: Toying Around With Paper Engineering Creativity