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I don't know who she is, but she looks ticked at somethin'.

I don't know who she is, but she looks ticked at somethin'.

It felt to her as if, just beyond her grasp, was Enlightenment & a state of... "Radiance" / Tom  Fleming

:: As we habitually engage our inner wisdom--in thought, word and deed-- the latent possibilities of living our highest wholeness awakens. ~ LaShaun Middlebrooks Collier {art: "Radiance" by Tom Fleming}

Elven Armor by Lani-Raevan female elf ranger archer wood wild armor clothes clothing fashion player character npc | Create your own roleplaying game material w/ RPG Bard: www.rpgbard.com | Writing inspiration for Dungeons and Dragons DND D&D Pathfinder PFRPG Warhammer 40k Star Wars Shadowrun Call of Cthulhu Lord of the Rings LoTR + d20 fantasy science fiction scifi horror design | Not Trusty Sword art: click artwork for source

Even though women in englevar are not allowed to be warriors, this could still be turned masculine, or give it to the princess for ceremonial. - Elven Armor by ~Lani-Raevan on deviantART

Hopfinger Studio Boutique - I met Jenni today at the Watertown Art Festival. She is super talented! I can't wait until we open our shop and can work with her for custom glassware for special events and everyday's special events! Check out her website! Soooo fun!

Hopfinger Studio Boutique - I met Jenni today at the Watertown Art Festival…

I relate a lot to Rachel, but I haven't met Hazel (I'm only on Lost Hero) :) From the characters I've met so far, Im like 50% Rachel, 40% Leo, and 10% others (not regarding looks, but depending on personality)

Rachel and Hazel, the two artists :) *gazes in adoration at my pjo artist ladies*

Rudolph van Empel graduated Cum Laude from the Academie St. Joost, Breda (1976–1981) as a graphic designer. In the mid-nineties, he decided to develop himself further as a visual artist. His international breakthrough came with his series of works entitled World, Moon, Venus (2005–2008). These were first exhibited , in the George Eastman House. Van Empel constructs his works through staged photography, digital enhancement and collage. More

Ruud van Empel: Photoworks 1995-2010

I love everything about this! Does anyone know who is the artist? I have another pin which is similar, but no artist's name was given. The name of the artist is Ruud van Empel, a Dutch photographer.

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Elisabeth Sonrel (French, 1874 - 1953), "Our Lady of the Cow Parsley" | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Elisabeth Sonrel (French, 1874 - "Our Lady of the Cow Parsley" Her paintings were often inspired by Arthurian Romance. In her early years Sonrel produced illustrations in Art Nouveau style.