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"Мне не нужен вздох могилы, Слову с тайной не обняться Научи, чтоб можно было Никогда не просыпаться." 1 февраля 1917г.

Reusable vintage soviet syringe, and liquid injection in glass vial with rubber top. They were giving us Gammaglobulin shots at school. Can not forget the following pain in the tight.

If you've ever watched a crime scene drama like CSI, you've probably asked yourself, "Is that what really happens?" German photographer Patrik Budenz wondered the same thing, but unlike most of us, he decided to put in the time to find out.

with the new update, i can't seem to change my profile pic and have it to scale. has anyone mastered that yet?? pls let me know :))

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