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a little long but so worth it!

So many funny animal photos! I had to laugh out loud at some of them--my hubby looked at me from the couch like he thought I'd lost it. Like watching Funniest Home Videos for a few hours.

Another sign to go by the pizza ;)

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Why the Doctor didn't come back for Amy for 12 years - the whole course of history would change if he had been on time! HIS personal destiny would have changed if he had been on time! If Mels were to succeed in killing him at her younger age, then Rory and Amy would never end up getting pregnant in the Tardis while traveling, resulting in a regenerating, kidnapped baby trained to destroy the Doctor, but in that case, who would have killed the Doctor? Was the Tardis avoiding paradoxes?yes

A time traveler is never late. Nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to.>>yass Gandalf is amazing

Shirt BFF need these umm maybe i should have she thinks im crazy

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Media Tweets by チヤキ (@chackiin) | Twitter

Media Tweets by チヤキ (@chackiin) | Twitter

If someone ever said "Harry Styles is hotter than Gerard" I would kill them that instant.

My Chemical Romance XD Harry Styles will never be a hot as Gerard Way like seriously, sorry but no. Saying Harry is hotter than Gerard is like saying that celery tastes nicer than chocolate! IT'S JUST NOT A THING!

Marcel était célibataire... - RIGOLOTES.fr

Marcel était célibataire... - RIGOLOTES.fr

Vesper Lynd    Casino Royale

There isn't enough room for me and your ego.