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A Arena 004

Symkaria's most famous citizen returned this week, so we're looking back on her first appearance!

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The avengers

New Avengers: Everything Dies (Marvel Now) Volume 1 : Jonathan Hickman, Steve Epting : 9780785166610

Wolverine and the X-Men # 11 Marvel Comics

Wolverine and the X-Men # 11 Marvel Comics

Hawkeye, Black Widow and Spider-Woman by Stefano Caselli

The sins of Black Widow's past have resurfaced and threatened the safety of not only the Avengers, but also the world! So Widow, Spider-Woman and Hawkeye must travel to Siberia to search for a missing girl with ties to an old Soviet assassination.

Marvel NOW's Avengers Assemble

Confira a capa de Capitão América #1, Avengers Assemble #1 e X-Men Legacy #1!

The Paperback of the Avengers Assemble: Science Bros (Marvel Now) by Kelly Sue DeConnick, Stefano Caselli, Pete Woods, Tomm Coker