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Marlon Brando during filming of The Men, 1949 with his grandmother's dog & wearing her bathrobe. Photo by Ed Clark for LIFE magazine.

Judy Garland: The original Wizard of Oz dog was a Dachsund named Otto.  At the time of the film's release in 1939 there was thought to be too much anti- german sentiment, so Otto was replaced by the terrier that we all know and love - TOTO

The dog in The Wizard of Oz was originally supposed to be played by a Dachshund named Otto. The studio thought there was still too much post-war tension & replaced Otto with a Norwich terrier. This is one of the original still shots from the movie.

Portrait of Pablo Picasso, Lump and Jacqueline Roque by David Douglas Duncan, Cannes 1957

Pablo and Jacqueline Picasso, seated at a table. Picasso holds up a ceramic plate he has just painted for his dachshund, Lump. Lump, standing on his hind legs, sniffs the plate.

Lou Reed and dachshund #dachshund #cute #dogs www.dachshundchannel.com www.facebook.com/dachshundchannel @indiefilmacdmy

Mick Rock "The Man Who Shoot The Seventies" is touring with his exhibition Mick Rock Rock Music.

WienerTales.com Dachshund T-Shirts, Collectibles, and Doxie Forum - Our Newest Addition, Wiener Sculptures by Mike

Wiener Sculptures by Mike.gotta admire his appreciation for Gods gift of wiennie dogs!

New mom Grace dangles her daughter China by the feet, 1971

In one of the photos that ultimately ran in LIFE (Olson went back to Palo Alto for a re-shoot), new mom Grace dangles her daughter China by the feet in Setting up each shot of the stars with their folks

At the airport, Kelsey Grammer, wife and doxies. There is an episode on The Dog Whisperer featuring their doxies. Really cute.

At the airport, Kelsey Grammer, wife and doxies. There is an episode on The Dog Whisperer featuring their doxies.

Mr. President

A young JFK, on a tour of Europe just before the outbreak of war, where he bought "a dachshund of great beauty" in Germany. The dog became a mascot on the journey. We aren't aware that JFK had dachshunds while President however. SO AWESOME!

Dachshund Clube

Ladies reading: Illustration from 1889 showing three women reading the three successive volumes of a novel, possibly borrowed from a circulating library. Illustrated London News Ltd / Mary Evans Picture

We couldn’t resist posting this: famous dachshunds owners

Andy Warhol ( August 1928 – February was an American artist who was a leading figure in the visual art movement known as pop art. The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is the largest museum in the United States dedicated to a single artist.

Wonderful Doxie!

Vintage doxie - this guy knew what was up a long time ago. Beard and Doxie.