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Jan 8 andrew lawrence ‏@andrewlawrence In 2017, let's hope more actors make political statements at awards ceremonies. If anybody knows what's best for us all, it's actors. c777 c777 – ‏@c777deplorable @andrewlawrence Exactly |Embedded image Ancestors andrew lawrence

Elitist hypocritical .......aka: Meryl Streep (loud-mouthed idiot)

As well as science and politics, and giving answers to questions like "what kind of cookie are you?"

Aww, poor Donnie. Everyone is so unfair to the billionaire narcissistic megalomaniac. I can't imagine how hard life is for him!!

The politician we needed

I hope the kid president becomes the president some day. He's already much more mature..

Gotta like this guy. Maybe he's free to be president?

99% of Black Americans and their families have NEVER been to Africa. They are not African any more than American white people are European .