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Safe Sext

The ‘Safe Sext’ application was proposed in response to an observation of how we interact with mobile technologies whilst on public transport. Given the communal nature inherent within ‘public’ transport, we are often using our mobile technologies, such as phones or laptops, to subvert this space from a shared and communal space into a private and individual space. We become closed off to the world, completely insulated within our own bubble. However, despite our best efforts public…

Augmented Creativity- Bridging the Real and Virtual Worlds to Enhance Creative Play | We propose the concept of Augmented Creativity as employing AR on modern mobile devices to enhance real-world creative activities, support education, and open new interaction possibilities.

エーゲ海に突如出現した『シリア難民の海上墓地』 | AdGang

Case: Johnnie Walker - Dear Brother スコッチウィスキーブランドのJohnnie Walker(ジョニー・ウォーカー)が、ドイツで感動的な映画仕立ての動画を公開