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Tips for Slowing Down The Distracted Generation - ConservaMom

The Distracted Generation Infographic - e-Learning Infographicse-Learning Infographics

What does your handwriting say about you?

What is yours?

What Does Your Handwriting Say About You interesting fact facts handwriting infographics did you know fun facts good to know

College Admissions What Really Matters? Infographic

WHAT IT TAKES TO GET INTO COLLEGE. There is no clear-cut pathway to college. A recent survey of college admission officers indicate that some factors do matter more than others, according to the infographic “College Admissions: What Really Matters?

Neuroscience was always my fav subject in Uni!

At The How Does the Brain Retain Information Infographic presents some interesting ideas about memory retention and the process of learning.

An Overview of the Principles of Adult Learning

[INFOGRAPHIC] An Overview of the Principles of Adult Learning

PD: A simple infographic providing an Overview of the Principles of Adult Learning by Nicole Legault. Seems clear and common-sense . good food for thought by course designers.


The Myth of Learning Styles Infographic

This is a graphic demonstrating the value of active learning over passive learning. Thus teachers should strive to create a learning environment in which the student can learn to restructure new information and their prior knowledge into new knowledge about the content and to practice using it.  Not just have the student act as a complacent sponge and the teacher as the faucet just telling them what important and interesting.

The Active Learning and Student Performance Infographic presents how students in an active learning environment demonstrate better improvement in conceptual understanding.


The “Talent” equation in piano playing/learning

Music’s effect on learning: parts of the brain, how music works and info on music to study to. I appreciate that they note the complexity of music the brain areas involved in it, and don't assume there's one brain region that "does music.

10 Awesome Body Language Tips To Be Awesome In Front Of A Crowd!

Infographic - 10 Powerful Body Language Tips for Your Next Presentation - via SlideShare and Soap Presentations

Free Educational Websites for Kids

The Best Free Educational Websites for Kids - Everything from ABCs to Counting, Reading, Math and Geography! So many great resources and all FREE! (Computer Tech For Kids)