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As daily clashes between troops and rebels fighting to oust President Bashar al-Assad have brought a devastating halt to all normal economic activity, the trade in precious metals has boomed as people struggle to make ends meet.

A true angel. Her smile was breathtaking and full of innocence. Nour Al Ahmad she was killed yesterday due to shelling in Sbeneh - Damascus suburbs. Her face when she died reflects the horror she saw before dying. Dear God what punishment could suit those horrible beasts who are able to kill innocent people without blinking an eye?

Assad Must Go

Emphasis added by Global Research Damascus, SANA-President Bashar al-Assad gave the following interview to AFP News Agency on the developments in Syria and the region: Journalist: Mr. President, we...

Clashes in the Syrian city of Aleppo – in pictures

Dust and smoke surrounds a Free Syrian Army fighter after a tank shell exploded... Al-Qadir (The All Powerful) I beg you to watch over all the freedom fighters of the horrific civil war. I beg you Al-Wahid (The Only One) to stop the killing of the Innocent people of Syria, I beg You Allah...

The Photo That Won World War II: 'Dead Americans at Buna Beach,' 1943

الطفل سعد من حمص فقد ذراعه نتيجة قذيفة من النظام الغاشم ومع ذلك بقيت ابتسامته البريئة لا تغادر وجهه البريء ليعلن انتصاره على جبروت الأسد بابتسامة ! و ليعلن امتلاكه لأقوى سلاح في العالم ألا و هـــو الأمــــــل !

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