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that is one of my favorite things about k pop XD

I love the weirdness that comes with kpop ♥

haha love Siwon's face xD

How can people that beautiful make faces like this? It will forever baffle me (however i'm pretty sure I resemble L and Lee Joon in the mornings;

He gave a similar answer when he was on Hello Counselor. Lol. Kim Heechul: always willing to dress as a woman if there are no real women around.

Heechul...you're definitely special

kpop meme

That background is in fact your head, that's why it's everywhere XD because your thinking about KPOP XD

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if you tell me that Minseok is ugly, you are not my friend anymore. in general if you talk bad about him, you won't even get ten seconds

Every SINGLE time /sigh*/ MANSAE!!!

I can't get through a single test without a kpop song go through my head XDD 💓

Książka z gejpopowymi memami # Humor # amreading # books # wattpad


Hahahahaha, I swear I have never come across a short "Choi", ever! It really is the power of Choi.

how could you not ship them? | allkpop Meme Center

I ship Markson so hard. But what really made me laugh in this asc episode was " you're crushing his body"

haha..... lol

Apparently BigBang is a girl group lol<<<<< What do you mean apparently they are one JKKK

I just realized this was BI from Ikon... Hahahaha, omo... @je

EXO: This makes me laugh so much. is lovely, and hilarious "yeah I'm hungry" XD