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frozen knock knock

15 Jokes And Memes That Only True Frozen Fans Will Love

My brother didnt get this

Pun Dog (AKA Pun Husky) is an adorable Alaskan Klee Kai dog who has already stolen our hearts with dad jokes and sass.

Animals think they're so funny.

Animals think they're so funny.

Compilation of some animal puns. Enjoy 15 hilarious jokes on photos of animals that look like laughing.


7 Pun Dog Puns That Will Instantly Brighten Your Day!I don't know why I find this sooo funny haha

Honest slogans of popular brands. So accurate, especially the Pepsi one.

Hilarious Pictures of the day pics- Honest Slogans Of Popular Brands.

25 jokes so stupid they're actually funny

Jokes that are so stupid they're funny. I think I should just randomly post these around my room or in my power points. Where have these been my whole life?

Funny pictures about Scooby Pun. Oh, and cool pics about Scooby Pun. Also, Scooby Pun.

Come closer

probem is.how many kids have actually seen a real pencil sharpener like this! There is another greta one, an electric pencil sharpener with a little guy inside with a chain saw.quite funny