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Curly Hair Be Like... | Vivian King

” I have big curly hair and it’s safe to say it has it’s own personality. And yes, I have been told I look like curly sue lol.

How To Impersonate Anyone | Vivian King

” Today I am going to teach you how to impersonate anybody, I'm talking impersonating, friends, family, cele.

Celebrity Impersonations | Vivian King

"Not on my watch Kanye, I am going to make America great again and I'm going to do it for a dollar." Today I am doing some celebrity impersonations including.

Character Impersonations | Vivian King

“Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” Yay another impersonation video! Today I will be impersonating some characters from movies that you may.

What's In My Bag Tag | Vivian King

"This is where I keep expired Walmart gift cards, my student ID from 2010 and five dollars." Today I am showing you what's in my bag, (even though I actually.

Awkward Moments | Vivian King

“Wait, that’s three fingers…well this is awkward.” Awkward moments, we all have them and we all hate them but it is what unites us a species.

Doing Makeup the right way | Vivian King

"I’m not so sure if this is lipliner or eyeliner but as someone who knows a lot about beauty, I know it doesn’t matter.

Reviewing Things I Use Everyday | Vivian King

Reviewing Things I Use Everyday | Vivian King

Speaking With Accents | Vivian King

“Forget about it.” Today I'm going to be doing accents from around the world and America too 😉. I like to challenge myself to do different accents and thes.