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Os 3 primeiros são bonito mais o 4 eles vau se casar?

Pokémon - Yuuki, 280 Ralts, 281 Kirlia and 282 Gardevoir [Mega] art by Bano Akira (Sankaku Channel)

aaaAAAAAAA - Lusamine - SM spoilers - Pokémon - Pokémon SM  - gud art - fave characters

Ok so why does Nihilego poison have the ability to change hair color?


"/vp/ - Pokémon" is imageboard dedicated to discussing the Pokémon series of video games and shows.

Another Evolution Lineup quickie, this time my female Popplio and her lovely evolutions! I wish I can choose her as my starter, but I had already promised myself to begin my next Pokemon adventure ...

A quick sketch of a male gijinka Rowlet and his evolutions. My bird child~ and my bird bae From chicken nugget cinnamon, to fancy boi and then robin hoot ----- Rowlet, Dartrix and Robinroot/Robingr.


I keep calling her Princess Jellyfish because, yes, but really. She’s the Princess of the Unknown.

AAA, look at her

AAA, look at her

Ultra beasts concept art for Pokémon sun and moon

On top of that, the book also features concept art, including art for the game’s Ultra Beasts, complete with extra little details on the Pokémon.