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An entire family once disappeared from the Rogue River National Forest Campground in Oregon. On September 5, 1974, Richard Cowden and his wife Belinda, along with their two small children, David and Melissa, went camping for the Labor Day weekend. On Sunday morning, Richard was seen in nearby Copper, Oregon buying some milk. That was the last anyone ever saw of the Cowden family.
On December 23, 1974, 17-year old Mary Rachel Trlica, 14-year old Lisa Renee Wilson and 9-year old Julie Ann Moseley (a.k.a. the Fort Worth Three) went Christmas shopping together at the Seminary South Shopping Center in Fort Worth, Texas. The girls never returned home and their locked car was discovered in the mall’s parking lot at 6:00 that night. There were Christmas presents inside, indicating that the girls had shopped and returned to the vehicle at some point, but what became of them?
Klara Mauerova - a member of a cult Grail Movement - admitted torturing her sons age 8 and 10. The boys told how their relatives had locked them in cages for months, sexually abused them, whipped them with belts, and tried to drown them, and partially skinned the 8 year old and ate the flesh. The abuse was discovered when a man installed a TV baby monitor to keep watch on his newborn child & it picked up a signal from an identical monitor next door showing the abuse.
Woman Gives Birth to Children, Discovers Her Twin is Actually the Biological Mother, But She is Technically Her Own Twin
The top image shows a picture of Jaycee Dugard around the age she was kidnapped while walking to school. The middle picture, released by Natational Center for Missing and Exploited Children, shows an age-enhanced image of Jaycee created in 2006. The bottom image is a picture of Jaycee in 2012.
Missing From: CHICAGO, IL. Missing Date: 12/03/2013. Selena's photo has been age-progressed to 16 years. She may still be in the local area or she may travel to San Diego, California. Selena may dye her hair red or blonde. When she was last seen, her hair was shaved into a mohawk. Selena may go by the alias first name Theda, Jazmine, or Jazzy and the alias last name Hudson, Conner, Hernandez, or Jackson.
Missing from Richmond, Virginia, 14 year old Creshawna Lewis | PL8PIC
Unidentified Deceased Female Date found: February 14, 1988 Location found: Mount Vernon, NY GPS: 10 Carleton Avenue, Mount Vernon, NY.She was placed nude with her arms and hands out to the side, and her legs crossed at the ankles. Victim clothes were not on the scene of where she was dumped. Victim was bound at the hands and ankles prior to being dumped. Strangulation marks around neck.