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I am very active on tumblr and twitter, just in case you guys are wondering. But I like this piece so much, that I wanted to share it here as well. Like I already mentioned a long time ago, I will ...

Aww lucy started crying, and then natsu comforts her! NALU~~~ Hey people Currently I'm in a case of severe dehydration and I'm stuck in bed with gallons of water Hope to add more. Any board ideas?

I am DYING over this little fairytail cottage. It is my dream to build a house one day that looks like a cozy little English cottage sitt...

IN LOVE!Idea for future house to make - the works of Hugh Comstock, the builder of "Fairy Tale Cottages" in Carmel, California, during the

Look at Natsu and Happy they are so adorable when they were small but then again they are still cute well thats my opinion

Natsu Dragneel and Happy from Fairy Tail After my colored ones now a pencil drawing. Btw, it's my first drawing in my new sketchbook. I hope, you like it. Just Cute - Natsu and Happy

tribal+zodiac+tattoos | Tribal Zodiac by sodeni on deviantART

Tribal Zodiac Tattoo Designs Ideas – The majority of the women will also get tats round the bikini line, which is easily the most sensuous a part of themselves, that males would certainly like to see.

Outlaw Custom Designs, LLC - Fairy Tail - Natsus Tattoo, $5.00 (http://www.outlawcustomdesigns.com/fairy-tail-natsus-tattoo/)

Fairy Tail - Natsu's Tattoo

Going to get this as a tattoo on one of my thighs. I plan on black outline.