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Just watching this man walking down the road gives me so many FEELS.

Just watching this man walking down the road gives me so many FEELS.<<< look at those LEGS man he is tall

Supernatural has the most adorkable cast in  the world :D

(gif) Jensen and Jared Goofing Around at the CW Supernatural Photoshoot. (originally a Vine.


I'll be your nurse.

Fanart Destiel cockles

Fanart Destiel cockles<<<no cockles

Supernatural Imagines and One Shots — your description gets me every time. is just...

to make me feel better when i'm having a bad day. Eye of the Tiger, baby! GO DEAN!

You loved him as adorable Eric Brady on Days of our Lives - now Jensen Ackles is playing hot-as-hell Dean Winchester on Supernatural - Season 6 starts soon. Description from pinterest.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

You know things are bad, when Dean loses his appetite especially for pie

#Sam, #Shifter!Baby and #Dean 6x02 Two And A Half Men

this is so cute

LOL. Look at this

Donald Trump would deport this joke

Supernatural Blooper : They threw it at him again and again, and it wouldn't break, then he just touches it and it shatters. I love his "I quit." And Jensen just bursting out laughing :)

Is it bad that I can tell what he said?

Is he sparkling?