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Star and Marco by AyuMichi-me

Star VS F.

Land of the remembered... by SireneTzukiDark

Land of the remembered. by SireneTzukiDark

Here It is my first drawing for the wholesomeweek2!!Never forget the sunscreen, kids!

I just love that Star thought it was gonna be romantic.Then he starts spreading.

Star vs the forces of evil! Awesome! :)

One hot meme

Plot-twist >> I know this isn't Gravity Falls, but I'll save it here anyway.

guys we’re half way through season 3....

Season 3 Movie Premiere: Star straight up dies for a while

Star references

A collection of the funniest Star vs the forces of evil memes you can… # De Todo # amreading # books # wattpad

STARCO IS REAL star vs the forces of evil||literally my reaction @keepdrawing

Honestly my reaction. This cartoon show is messing with my feelings, tbh. My whole life is a lieee!

This is kind of why I ship jarco a bit more than starco... Please don't kill the hyruliangeek...

This is kind of why I ship jarco a bit more than starco. ^^star's face is why I ship starco. She doesn't want to show this to Jackie and it breaks her heart, but she has to.

enjoying their moments | Star vs. the Forces of Evil | Know Your Meme

by spatziline

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