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Baker Cat!

Pusheen the Adorable Bouncy Cat making biscuits.My Wendy cat does this too!

If I could be a sloth lady, I would, but I'll have to settle for being a cat lady instead.

yes lazy sloth thing with lazy pusheen creature personally i like pusheenicorn


Pusheen the cat - I my dad too. And Pusheen's even has a mustache, just like mine!--- my sir father dad does not have a moustache

Cat breading, animated gif, via Sean Bonner.

20 Reasons Why Pusheen The Cat Would Make The Perfect Boyfriend

The moves of a ‘Gentleman’…    I found this funnier than I should have.

The moves of a ‘Gentleman’…

20 Adorable 'Pusheen The Cat' Gifs (Pusheen Gangnam style!