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1 Each, Size MEDIUM for medium SPINNING rods. Use the Linedancer with crank baits, jigs, top water lures, soft plastic worms, crawfish/crayfish, etc., spinner baits, stick baits and even live baits such as worms, leeches and minnows. PLEASE NOTE: This device will work ONLY with SPINNING Rods! Instructions: 1. Place the LineDancer on the spinning rod and slide it towards the reel until it fits tightly. 2. Cast lure or bait into the water. 3...

This is how Grandpa taught me how to tie on a hook or lure. Don't forget to spit on the bait for good luck!

This is How to Keep Your Plastic Worms Weedless

This trick to keep your plastic worms weedless will let you go where the bass go.

Berkley Fusion19 Hooks | Bassmaster The standard EWG hook is available in #1 through 5/0 sizes and fits the bill for most soft-plastic rigging solutions. Each package comes with seven hooks for $3.99.

Fish Like A Redneck

Fish Like A Redneck - 26 Wacky Fishing Tips | Most Useful and Unique Tricks by Survival Life at

Top Ten Lures for your Bass of a Lifetime. Bass Fishing Hall of Famer Don Wirth's top ten list of most proven lure styles that produce giant bass no matter where you're fishing.