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Миниатюрная архитектура от Таканори Айбы - Путешествуем вместе

The Japanese artist Takanori Aiba created worlds in miniature bonsai trees, using materials such as craft paper, plastic and acrylic resin. Above, a castle around the small tree to its lowest branch.

Japanese artist Takanori Alba is a great artist he created these amazing bonsai sculpture called Bonsai Busing stone clay epoxy putty copper line and resin he started his career as a freelance maze

“Hawaiian Pineapple Resort”- A miniature sculpture by Japanese artist Takanori Aiba. He builds these amazing communities around bonzai plants!

Tree houses.  Pretty sure the second one is here in Minneapolis.

Just to clarify: My dream home isn't a tree house; my dream home would HAVE an awesome treehouse in the backyard.

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If you have a lot of space in your garden than having a gazebo can be great choice. Gazebo is a perfect place where you can enjoy with your family when the

Tree houses of the world... yes please!

Tree houses of the world

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Дамский павильон — место для себя

Love this cottage: thats the kind of place I want in my back yard to retreat to when I need quiet time because everyone else in the house has ticked me off- oh wait . I live alone, ok so when I need a time out from myself then- lol

What a Beautiful tree house! Sorry kids! Only adults that wish they could get their childhood back Allow!! Hehe

giant kids tree house in family backyard.How amazing would this be to have in your backyard? I'm pretty sure the parents and their friends would be in there just as much as the kids! This is my dream home. I'd live in there forever and never come out!


Broccoli House by artist and musician Brock Davis. The house is made out of broccoli, balsa wood, a craft knife and glue. He says, “I couldn’t build a tree house for my son so I built him a broccoli house instead.