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Aparajita writes: As many of you know, Pramodana (Blackburn, UK) is terminally ill with cancer and has a prognosis of months. To help him share his experience with the Order, and for the Order to support him, a website/blog has been set up: www.pramodana.net. Please visit the site for the latest news of his situation, and to share your memories and rejoicings. We are hoping it will grow into a rich resource that will reflect Pramodana’s love of the Order and the Dharma. Take a look!

Uddiyana was an ancient land famous for rich, fertile plains, soaring mountains and an abundance of natural environment and culture. Sounds a long way from the streets of Leytonstone, east London, UK? A long-established Triratna men’s community there has just adopted “Uddiyana” (Royal Orchard) as its new name. https://thebuddhistcentre.com/news/ancient-royal-orchard-newly-founded-east-london-uk

Clear Vision presents the first of its new twice-yearly video bulletins from around the world of Triratna.

Lokabandhu turns 55 and is celebrating his birthday by retiring from Triratna’s European Development Team, and he'll embark on an exploration of living a simple life with the elements in a horsebox situated in his very own field.

With sadness we announce the death of Dharmacharini Mokshapushpa, who died in the evening of Monday 27th October in a hospice. https://thebuddhistcentre.com/news/dharmacharini-mokshapushpa

Triratna’s College of Public Preceptors has announced the election of Saddhaloka as its new Chair, to take over from Dhammarati in 2015.

Introducing Singhamati, who recently joined the European Chairs’ Assembly’s Development Team as Young Persons’ Coordinator!

On the first weekend in April this year Adhisthana welcomed a gathering of 35 “Young Facilitators”. The Young Facilitators are young Mitras and Order members engaged with inspiring young people to meet and practise the Dharma through running activities and groups for young people at their local centres.

Do you have motion graphics/video-making skills and experience? Stephen Heppell, a London-based mitra training for ordination, is a Buddhist animator seeking a team for a Right-Livelihood agency producing animated videos and motion graphics.

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