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Crystal Of Enchantment

Specialists in pagan, mystical and fantasy greetings cards for almost any occasion, including handfastings and pagan festivals. Find cards with faeries and angels, dragons and unicorns, gods and goddesses, mythical scenes, celtic and gothic themes.

best of art journal - december glows

every time you broke a promise trust me my heart learned how not to break a promise how not to break a heart // poetry by Noor Unnahar // art journal ideas, watercolor illustration, notebook, journaling, words, quotes, poem, inspiration, tumblr white aesthetics hipsters craft diy, instagram photography artists, bookstagram //

Silken Spells by Josephine Wall This fairy loves to whirl and pirouette on the finest of cobweb silk, especially when moonbeams reflect their rainbow colours all around her gossamer wings. After her dancing is done, the wind carries her home on a playful breeze. Each miracle of nature's beauty fills her heart with joy.

This Thing Called Art Is Really Dangerous

this is contrast these are very opposite things. There is a women and then some sort of colorful fog coming out of her.

Least we forget natures essence and beauty comes from both the sun and the moon. Lisa Jo Astle♥ Moonlit Awakening by Josephine Wall