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I remember being taught this in a college teacher prep course! I never forget as I'm erasing the board!

Roll up to the school like what up, I'm not a teacher I'm a total educational badass - I can casually drop a cuss in class and inform you about the improper sentence structure. This makes a perfect gift for the coolest teacher you know!

Show that you're a kick ass educator shaping the mind of the youth with this funny teacher shirt! This shirt featuring the phrase "Teacher? I prefer the term educational badass" is perfect for.

Who is this man? Im fairly certain he and I are going to get married. I LOVE it when men speak up about situations like this and who arent afraid to speak their minds about ridiculous beauty standards.

Comedian Destroys Joan Rivers Over Adele Comments.I would be completely ok with it if I looked like Adele! Joan Rivers looks like a walking advertisement for bad plastic surgery.

Teaching seems to require some unique skills...I'd say!

Franklin Habit knows that teaching is easy - all you need are the skills you'd need to "pilot a bus full of live chickens, backwards, with no brakes, down a rock road through the Andes, while providing colorful and informative commentary on the scenery.

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Your teacher expects you to read stuff and write stuff and turn it in when it's due? Sorry guys, I'm evil.

You Know You're a Teacher When . . .

You know you are a true teacher when.I love the ones about our 2 bathroom breaks and how quickly we eat lunch, SO TRUE!

Pink Buckaroo Designs: printable TEACHING: The only profession where you steal supplies from home and bring them to work. (So true!)

"Teaching: the only profession where you steal supplies from home and bring them to work." So true, my husband is always taking stuff from home for his classroom!

Et oui, le rangement peut faire un choc! ;)  Matériel pédagogique sur www.mieuxenseigner.com

Teacher humor - the ways that kids handle sitting on the carpet, markers, and desk arrangements. Only a teacher would believe this stuff even happens.

Lol. Teacher humor. Cracks me up... But every time... AND when it's written on the board

10 Problems Only Teachers Will Understand

I wouldn't have pinned this here if there wasn't a girl READING hARRY POTTER!!!!!

Here’s the latest inspiring and humorous comic from Zen Pencils. Inspired by a poem by Taylor Mali, this one is for all the teachers out there… Previously: Make Good Art by Zen Pencils

Bahahaha YES. The recipe for hot tea is really similar: Become a teacher. Bring iced tea to school. Forget you brought tea. {repost via

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This is sadly so true. Why does the poor teacher have to constantly supply them from her own pocket?