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im sorry for getting You in trouble with your mom

Lodge Cast iron

Lodge cast iron didn't always come seasoned and ready to use. Here's the story of how Lodge became the first US cookware manufacturer to season its cast iron.

This delicious metaphor: | The 21 Realest Tumblr Posts On Bisexuality

The 21 Realest Tumblr Posts On Bisexuality

This delicious metaphor: I like the asexual one, but whether bisexual or not this article is a good read :)

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DIY Cute Miniature Beaded Handbags

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Read 8 from the story LGBT(QT) photos by LgbtqEqualityRo (LGBTQ+ România) with 812 reads.

Yes. And I proudly pin this bc my gov class made a joke out of it and thought it was ridiculous and stupid. People shouldn't be treated like jokes. You are valid <3

I consider genderfluid a real gender identity. One of my close friends is genderfluid, and I love and treat them as I would anyone else.