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Pikachu!!! I love me some Pikachu...

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23 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Pokémon // Pikachu’s name is a combination of the Japanese onomatopoeia for sparkle, pikapika, and the sound of squeaking, which is expressed as chūchū.

Beautiful ♡ Pokeshipping ^.^ ♡

In my opinion pokeshipping is the best. I hope they get her back. All the other shippings are trash & Misty is the only girl I like among all of them. May is too short tempered , dawn is too sensitive , iris is immature & Serena is far too girly.

Pikachu looking cute and cool.

Just when I thought the Pikachu couldn’t get cuter.

Maxie does laundry. WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS!

WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS! Haha I feel like ghetsis would be the most high maintenance person to live with.also he's a terrible person soooo I guess there's that, too.