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Sketch chibi commission for Lindyrex Yep, still posting christmas things orz (because also I forgot to post.) Slowly I'm changing my sketch chibi style to something more simple, I love simple sha.

Commission - Rini by Hyanna-Natsu.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Celshading chibi commission for rini-kitsune Yay yay long time I don't draw a celshading chibi! I'm so glad for doing it *U* Rini is so cute, I loved he.

Cellshading chibi for Ejeect Awnnn more one very cute character *w* so lovely with a beautiful design! I really liked her ears <3 so cuuute! I hope you like it! - - - - - - - - Tablet Wacom Bamb...

Yay yay Yes yes I got the idea of the background from Aaeruu because is a nice idea--sorry! I'm enjoying a lot drawing halloween costumes * ^ * I hope you like .

Sketch chibi commission for a secret commissioner ~~~ She's so adorable, and draw the Tibbers is so nice <3 <3 I hope you like it! //still too hot here, being very less productive :I Related:...

Manaka Mukaido (向井戸 まなか) Chibi Fanart My Chibi& looks a little bit like kids, haha xD But i hope you like my Chibi-style. ^^ I don& like to draw very dis.


ADOPTEDThis is Adrina she is very fun and sweet she loves bunnies and is 6 adopt?


From illustration to Fashion everything about lolita fashion in anime,manga and general art :D enjoy :)

Edit: Animated version in my profile and Here - - yay :3 I did just for be fun 9u9 and to put in my profile ~ I didn't liked the hair orz Now I'm trying animate it - the eyes and ears, but <(TT ...

Sketch Chibi commission for Jennayish Awn awn I love maid dress, they are soooo cute *u* - - - Made in Paint Tool Sai Art (c) Hyanna-Natsu Character (c) Jennayish

C: Jenny by Hyanna-Natsu on DeviantArt

commission for Caseykinz --- DON'T use, copy, trace, reference or repost my works! Only characters owner allowed to use it!

C: Azuko by Hyanna-Natsu on deviantART

Commission chibi style 2 for *Lucinhae omg so many colors *u*~ was fun to draw! I hope you like it - - - Made in Paint Tool Sai Art (c) Hyanna-Natsu Character (c) *Lucinhae

Commission: Princess Amunet by Hyanna-Natsu on DeviantArt

Commission: Princess Amunet by Hyanna-Natsu on DeviantArt princess Nigeria with her hair down